Friday, July 4, 2008

Ready to go

So I leave in 48 hours, and I've been meaning to post on here for days now, but there's been so much to do.

At this point, my bags are more or less packed, my goodbyes have mostly been said, and I have only to eat good food and be antsy for the next couple days.

Thanks to all my amazing friends, many of whom made tremendous effort to send me off in style. To all those who have taken me out over the past few weeks and months, and who have offered their support and prayers, it has meant so much to me.

I hope that I can keep in touch with everyone to a reasonable level through this shiny new blog, and email and stuff. As many of you already know, mail and telephone where I'm going will be at best inefficient.

I know this isn't the most artful of posts, but I've got to get something up here so you all know I'm serious about this thing. I'll write more when there are things to say.

In the meantime, I'm still taking all the prayers I can get. Just about time to hit the road.

Much love,


Emily R said...

Go Dan Go!

HDEjrChip said...

Your family is going to miss being around you, but we know what a great and worthy adventure you have chosen, so we will keep in touch and share the journey with you as best we can.


laynette2 said...

We were so happy to hear from you on your first day in Mali. I'm glad to know it's lush and green where you are staying, and that you are making wonderful friends!


Alan L said...

Hey bud,

Glad to hear that you were able to contact your family when you got there. Sounds like you made it out there ok. Thanks again for introducing me to your crowd, It's nice to instantly gain a group of friends my age. Looking forward to being able to see how you are doing on here. I wish I had been able to do something like this while I was deployed. Anyway, take care.


Steve_modibo said...

Hi Dan, great blog, and the memories! I still remember the smell on the tarmac deboarding the plan at the Bamako airport, my homestay was Katibuogou, just 5 k up the road from Toubaniso, if you go there mention "modibo samake" they will know me, and greet them!
rpcv, mali,04-06
Sacramento, CA

Steve_modibo said...

hi Dan, great blog, and memories, my homestay was katibougou, 5 km from tobaniso, on the dirt road, greet the people there, they will remember me!
dit modibo troure- katibougou
dit modibo samake- Ouellessebougou
because the samake's kill the troure's, and they eat beans
kan be kofe!